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The Australian Carob Co.

When we started out with our organic carob orchard in Booborowie in Southern Australia almost two decades ago, the mission was clear: to produce best quality and sweetest tasting carobs while maintaining respect for the environment.

Since then, we have been a leader in the carob industry and delivering Australian Carob Goodness to our customers in Australia, United States, Canada, Singapore and other parts of Asia for so many years.

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Australian Carob Products

Our Products

Carob Powders

Carob powders from The Australian Carob Co. are the sweetest in the global market without the strong bitter taste normally associated with European and/or Mediterranean carobs.

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Carob Syrup

The only true nut-free and allergy-free carob syrup available in the market. This carob syrup that our organic orchard produces is naturally sweet and of premium quality.

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Carob Kibbles

These are crunchy dried sweet carob pod pieces that can be consumed as a healthy snack food. Perfect for health conscious traditional or raw food consumers.

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The Australian Carob Co. Advantage

100% ORGANIC. The company employs sustainable farming practices and no pesticides are used on the trees. The Jolleys take pride in ensuring that each tree receives appropriate water requirements and pruning year-round.

PREMIUM CAROB VARIETIES. The orchard is home to a thoughtfully-curated selection of excellent quality carobs. These are exclusive and unique sweet carob trees that are unavailable elsewhere.

LONG LEAD TIME. New entrants to the industry will firstly need to find a suitable variety of carob tree and then plant in a suitable location. Maturation takes approximately 8-10 years but it can be 14 years before a commercial crop of pods is obtained.

VERTICALLY-INTEGRATED FACILITY. Harvesting and processing carobs requires the use of specialised equipment not readily available to new entrants. The facilities at Australian Carobs enable the harvesting, washing, drying milling and packing of products on-site.

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What They’re Saying

The Australian Carob Co has produced a carob powder that is exceptional in taste and with a luxuriously fine texture. I am a carob lover from way back and I feel like I’m tasting carob for the first time, it’s honestly that good! They treat carob product making like a fine art and their passion and dedication have paid off with a product that exceeds all expectations. Hearty congratulations to the geniuses on The Australian Carob team.

Vicki Yianni

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